Hey all.

For those new to the site, this notice is here to inform you that sadly the club is in a dormant state at the moment with no active members other than the friends we've made in SSE doing things outside of the club, and as such i've disabled registration for new members because there's simply no-one visiting or posting on these forums anymore who can help in a timely manner. Plus i was getting too many spambot registrations here. :(

Apologies to those looking for help, advice, information etc, but i suggest trying Facebook groups/pages or other forums which should hopefully be a bit more active than this place.

And for existing members, i've got no plans to ever close this site for good as it's not costing that much to keep it online and there are still a few of us who meet up every now and then despite most people moving onto cars from other manufacturers now.

I have however 'unpublished' the SSE Facebook page (the page, and everything/everyone on it still exists) for the foreseeable future due to a number of reasons, but it too will never be deleted proper.

Sorry if anyone is inconvenienced by the 'hiding' of the SSE Facebook page and disabling of registrations on these forums, but there's been little to no activity on either place for a couple years now and we keep getting too many new registrations here, or 'likes' on the Facebook page only for them to find that the lights are on but no-ones home.

Existing members can still post on here as normal of course.

Hope you're all keeping well and we may catch up again soon,
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