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Southern Skyline Enthusiasts was formed in late July, 2004. We were originally a part of Skylines DownUnder, the South Island section, but due to managerial issues (at the time) we broke away to form our own club. SSE and SDU are the two main Skyline clubs in NZ (and the two oldest, SDU formed in 1999) and both clubs get along great to this day.

The 'Southern' in our name, mainly refers to the fact that we are a predominantly South Island, New Zealand orientated club. So if you're from the North Island you'll probably be better off joining up on SDU to meet fellow enthusiasts. Although in saying that, we won't turn you away no matter where in NZ or the world you are!

We participate/contemplate a wide variety of gatherings/meets/events every year, and most turn out quite well so we continue doing them. Successful ones we've tried are;
- Monthly meets/parkups which usually result in going for a cruise around local roads. Rain or shine!
- Go-kart meets, where we head to the local kart place and race each other around the track. These have worked quite well in both Dunedin and Christchurch so far over the years, and will likely continue that way!
- Entering car shows (either individually, or as a club - where we try put some effort into making a nice display).
- Participating in official motorsport events. Members actively participate/have participated in grasskhanas, track days, drift events, drag race meetings and more. Great way to legally give your car a wee treat!
- Maintenance meets. Although we've only tried it a couple of times, we are still willing to persist at this type of meet to make it work. Basically, we meet up at a designated workshop/garage and work on each others car (or just watch!), have a chat, eat some BBQ'ed food, drink drinkable things and generally just socialise with each other.
- Movie nights. All meet at the movies, and either buy your own tickets or arrange for the meet organiser to buy a bulk lot that are beside each other (and pay them first!) and then watch whatever is playing!
- Dyno runs. Dunedin SSE held a successful dyno night in 2011, and we'd be keen to keep doing them!
- Meal meat.... meets. Pretty simple, all meet up somewhere (KFC, Burger King, local pizza place/restaurant, park, your backyard etc) and have lunch/tea and socialise

Obviously some things won't suit everyone (like cruise meets if you have no car, or food meets if you're on doing the 40 hour famine etc), hence why we are always trying new meet ideas so that everyone can participate in something at the very least. If you have ideas, let them be known!

To 'enter' our club/group is very simple, and there are numerous ways to do so.
- 'Like' our Facebook page
- Register in the forums (you'll have to post an intro topic to see other forums)
- Ask to be added to our e-mail list
- Ask to be added to your local region's text/ring list (contact details below)

No compulsory membership (optional paid membership is planned), no forms to fill out and no obligations required of members other than to 'behave', treat each other with respect, friendliness and don't do anything illegal at meets/events! Despite not being an incorporated club, we still take things with the appropriate seriousness, so don't be put off by our unincorporation!

Criteria for 'membership'?
- If you own or even just like any sort of Skyline (1957 models to now), Cefiro, Stagea, Laurel or other Skyline powered car then that's all you'll need to join us!
- Age is no barrier at all, we have people younger than 10 (okay, they are members' children, but still!) and some well over 50 years old.
- The age or modification level of your car isn't an issue either, if you've spent $40,000+ modifying your $7,000 R32 Skyline, or have a completely stock standard Skyline/Cefiro etc (i.e. daily driver, or you have no desire/money to modify/change things) then we'll still welcome you with open garages to our club!
- And obviously gender/religion/political views/wealth/fast food restaurant preferences don't matter either!

- Owners of ANY non-Skyline. We won't hassle you for the car you drive (you still have to at least not hate Skylines etc though!). At past meets we've had; Mazda RX-7s, Toyota Corollas/Supras/Hiluxs/Hiaces etc, Ford Fairmonts/Falcons (including XR6 Turbos), a Lotus Esprit, Mitsubishi EVOs, Subaru Legacys/Imprezas, Nissan Cefiros/Stageas/Laurels/Pulsars/Sentras/Primeras/ZR, Infinify G35s, BMWs and more. Even motorbikes are more than welcome, we've had a Kawasaki Ninja and Honda FireBlade come along before.
- Helpful, respectful, knowledgeable, friendly etc people
- People who want to try learn more about their car

- Car thieves. But we do welcome the return of corporal punishment for them...
- People who only want to do skids/speed and other illegal stuff. We're not that sort of club sorry!

If you'd like to donate money to the club or pay for membership fees and so on, we have an official account at Westpac. This is an easy way for all money transactions to be traced and a safer place for the club to store raised money, so if you're a bit worried about who's got your dollars and cents you can use online banking instead (if you don't use online banking please get a hold of us and we'll work something out!).
WESTPAC: 03 1725 0422192 025

We aren't a 'boy racer' club and don't tolerate any illegal behavior at our meetings/events (skids, speeding, traffic light drag racing and so on), so if you're only thinking of doing that sort of thing at meets then you can expect to be reported to the Police! Having a big parkup and convoy of cars attracts enough attention from people as it is, we want to set a good example - not a bad one.

We aim to be a family friendly, inviting, and respected club and try to shake off some of this 'boy racer' image. We're no different than anyone in British Car clubs, Ford Falcon/Holden Commodore clubs etc - just like them, we are passionate about our favourite brand of car and are always keen to attract new members!

Hopefully your interest has been attained, but please feel free to contact us to find out anything else you'd like to know!


Andrew (SkylineObsession)
TEXT / RING: 021 216 459
E-MAIL: admin @southernskylines.com (remove space before @)
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/southernskylines
FORUMS: www.southernskylines.com/phpBB3/

Andrew (SkylineObsession)
TEXT / RING: 021 216 4593
E-MAIL: admin @southernskylines.com (remove space before @)

Neil (sk8seddon)
TEXT / RING: 027 332 6432

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