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Southern Skylines ~ How To (R33)


You will need:

  • Phillips head screw driver.
  • Small flat blade screw driver.


Start by undoing the 2 Phillips head screws at the bottom of the door trim.

What does it look like?

Remove the small plastic cap in the arm rest insert by inserting the small flat blade screwdriver under the cap and gently lifting it upwards.

Remove the screw from under the cap.

What does it look like?

Gently unclip the door handle surround at points 1, 2 and 3 using the flat blade screwdriver. There is no need to take the screw out in the middle of the door latch.

What does it look like?
What does it look like?

Gently ease upwards the central locking/electric window control panel. There is a clip mechanism in the center of the panel between the switches and the arm rest insert, that holds it in place once the screw has been removed. It may require a bit of force to pry it out.
The next photo shows where the clip is clipped into. There is a small tab on the top of the cable connector which is pushed down to allow the plug to be removed. Unplug the cable from the control panel.

What does it look like?

There are 3 plastic retaining clips towards the outer edge of the door panel and 2 towards the inner edge of the door panel. Gently ease off the door panel near the clips at the inset and outside edges. Once the panel is clear of the retaining clips, ease the panel outwards then upwards.

The plastic retaining clips either remain in the door panel, or get stuck in the door. If they get stuck in the door, remove them by prying them out using the small flat blade screw driver and put them back into the door panel. The photo's show the locations of the retaining clips.

What does it look like?
What does it look like?

Putting the door panel back is the reverse of the above.


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