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Welcome to Southern Skylines!

12 JANUARY 2014
Not a whole lot happening lately, aside from a Chch meet on the Sunday 19th and Dunedin meet on the Sunday 26th. More details below.

If you're a gamer, a few of us are waffling on about Gran Turismo 6 and Grand Theft Auto V in the off topic forum, including picture posting. More the merrier, we'd love to see your photos!

And it is SSE's 10th birthday this year, and we are open to ideas as to how to celebrate that. If you have any suggestions/ideas and you're on the forums, let us know in the topic, otherwise Facebook is your best bet.

Well, until next time, catch you later.

Had a great cruise up to Beaumont, through torrential rain which reduced visibility by a heck of a lot. Good fun though!


SSE was formed in late July 2004 and we mainly cover the South Island of New Zealand, but welcome anyone from around the world (or beyond?!).
There are numerous simple ways to join us: 'Like' our Facebook page (link in top right hand corner of page), register in the forums, or simply ask to be added to our e-mail or text list so that we can inform you of upcoming meetings and events.

Criteria for joining us? If you own or even just like any sort of Prince/Nissan Skyline (1957 models to now), Cefiro, Stagea, Laurel or other Skyline powered car then that's all you'll need to join us!

In our regions we try to hold regular meets all throughout the year. Such as park ups & cruises, car shows, motorsport events, go-kart meets, movie nights, and so on. Apart from washing other peoples cars to raise money, there's not much we won't do/try!

Age/gender is no barrier at all, we have female and male 'members' in their teens and some well over 50 years old.
Age/modification level of your car isn't an issue either, if you've spent $40k+ modifying your ride, or have a completely stock standard Skyline etc then we'll still welcome you with open garages to our club (or open arms if you've got a particularly rare car!).

We are also the founders/main organiser's of the successful Dunedin charity car cruise/car show, the Otago Community Hospice Charity Cruise.

If you like what you hear (which we hope you do - if not then please contact us to let us know why not, so we can try to improve!) so far, then take one or more of the steps mentioned at the top and we hope to see you soon!

For more information about the club, please click here.


- Sunday, 19th January 2014
time to meet:
- 2:00pm
meet at:
- The Groynes, Area 2
other interesting stuff:
- You don't have to be in your Skyline if its off the road, track only or otherwise unavailable. Just bring your enthusiasm for the RB motor! Could meet at BK down the road if it is wet on the day.

- Sunday, 26th January 2014
time to meet:
- 1:00pm
meet at:
- Dunedin Ice Stadium carpark (big one), Victoria Rd, St Kilda
cruise leaves at:
- 2:00pm sharp
other interesting stuff:
- Could end it with an activity, like Go karts, beach, lazer force, paint ball etc. Anything welcome as per usual, Ford Ferrari, Kawasaki, Ducati, Mazda, Mercury, and of course Nissans!

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